New York City

New York City

from 25,000.00


Imagine that the most vibrant and unique city in the world is at your fingertips.

Make that reality with this handcrafted New York City Desk.

Manhattan comes to life in this vivid and precisely-scaled map with laser-cut, 3D-printed buildings.

Your home or office will glow with the power of Manhattan captured by this centerpiece.

Contact us with your special request or design elements; we will modify the desk accordingly.



Glow in the dark filament,

Abrasion resistant acrylic,


30" by 60" by 32"


Material Logic:

The clear acrylic legs mimic the fallen Twin Towers; the corner four LED lights will forever shine into the night. The laser cut plywood with burn edges represent the earth and the clear acrylic symbolizes the lightness of the water.  

Lead time is 3 weeks.

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