Troy Huang has been living in New York City since he was a teenager. The city has certainly left its mark on him. While he was in design school, he thought about how to capture the essence of the city and present it to the audience. That was how he started the project “New York City”.

With every single building design, process, and 3D printing, he feels he gets to know the city a little better. Sometimes there are a couple buildings missing on the map, he has to find out what the buildings are, and subsequently knows the history of the buildings. Therefore, his knowledge of the city increases continuously while he tries to bring the pieces together.

Troy would visit every city before he starts designing. Otherwise, it is offensive to the city and to the process. If he starts designing and making without visiting the city, it is as if a painter starts painting a portrait without seeing and getting to know about the subject in person. Sure, a great painter would still be able to create a remarkable piece of art. However, the painting would undoubtedly lack some characteristics of the subject that are not captured in the photo. One must be in it to create it.

Tell us a story or dream of yours, and we will present it in a physical form. We do not fabricate “things”; we create ideas.